Potclays Vulcan Black Stoneware (Medium) 1200-1260°C

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providing an unusual intense black colour when fired in an oxidising atmosphere. In a reducing atmosphere a metallic finish with shades of blue are obtained. Containing a medium grog (0-0.5mm) it has been formulated especially for artistic ceramics. It behaves excellently during drying/firing and its high plasticity makes it ideal for modelling. Widely used for murals and sculpture. Ideal for handbuilding. Recommended firing range 1200-1260C Biscuit temperature: 1000ºC Water content: 21% Plasticity (IP Atterberg): 22 Carbonate content (CaCO3): 0% Drying shrinkage: 7.0% Firing shrinkage (1260ºC): 4.5% Porosity (water absorption at 1260ºC): 9.4% Dry bending strength: 2.0 N/mm2 Fired bending strength (1260ºC): 27.5 N/mm2 Thermal coefficient (25-500ºC): 55.8x10^-7ºC^-1

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