Diamondcore Tools Curved V Tip Zebra Carver (K1)

Article number: DCT039
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This unique tool has an ergonomic handle for our "V" Tip blade and is ideal to minimise hand/wrist fatigue.  It is also optimised for artists who carve thousands of quick repetitive strokes by placing their thumb behind the blade and their fingers on the back end of the handle so they can carve away from themselves. They are constructed of hand-made exotic zebrawood handles and ultra-sharp stainless steel blades. No other tool can match these tools in performance. They leave little or no burs or debris, carver faster an deeper if desired, with much less resistance and therefore with much less hand/wrist/muscle fatigue. They are much sharper than ordinary loop tools, and have adjustable blade angle capability. The blades are self-sharpening (made of 1mm sheet stainless steel ), and are designed with a wider opening in the back to prevent clogging, leaving cleaner, crisper lines.  V Tip creates clean narrow lines. ( Spare blade sets are available for V Tip.) Wood grain may vary.
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