Diamond Core Tools Straight square tip clay carving tool 12mm (P25)

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P25 Straight Square Tip Zebrawood Carving Tool is a must-have. It’s a great tool for crafting shallow, square, sgraffito lines and navigating around tight corners on your pieces. The pencil-like handle and foam grip provide added comfort and control for extended use. Plus, the sharp blades provide crisp, clean lines. Add one to your ceramic tool kit to level up your next pottery pieces. 


12mm Square Tip Straight Blade Zebrawood Carving Tool

Features advanced blade technology; blade never dulls or rusts

Ideal for creating shallow, square, sgraffito lines and sgraffito in tight corners

14 cm long pencil-type beautiful, handcrafted handle

Features foam grip for added comfort

Can carve both wet and dry clay


Perfect for sgraffito or shallow carving

Can navigate tight corners

Can be used for mishima, sculpting, scraping, and more

Provides great depth control for clean line-work


DiamondCore blades leave little to no burrs or debris

Allows you to carve faster and deeper if desired

Adjustable blade angle for optimum comfort and control

Comfortable foam grip and sharp blade help reduce fatigue

Blades are stainless steel and never need sharpening

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