Rohde TG80 (Complete)

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Gas-fired ROHDE Toploaders from the TG series combine high-level technology with economic efficiency. ROHDE gas technology is easy and safe to handle. It can be controlled individually and has very low energy consumption providing at the same time the best possible results.



Downdraft flame control technology ensures even temperature distribution. The extremely silent highperformance intermediate pressure burners were developed specially for gas-fired ROHDE Toploaders. They ensure an optimal temperature rise even in the high range and allow stable atmospheric control during firing. Reduction control is carried out manually using a flue slide. All models from the TG series are equipped with view ports to allow monitoring of the firing process using Seger cones. The gas fittings including safety technology are pre-installed for connection to gas bottles or gas lines according to DVGW (DVGW German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water). A thermocouple with temperature meter is also supplied with the kiln.



You can choose the ROHDE Servo Jet equipment for firing a Toploader from the TG series with natural gas.


Downdraft flame control technology


Ring system, can be disassembled for transport and movement


Pressure spring-supported opening mechanism for the lid


Burner systems for propane, butane and natural gas

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