Rohde KE200N & Controller

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ROHDE Frontloaders from the KE-N series comprise six models with kiln volumes between 100 and 480 litres. The heating elements are recessed into grooved firebricks on all five wall sides.



The KE-N series has been designed for use in workshops and schools. The heating elements in this series have been recessed into grooved bricks. This results in a variety of advantages. The heating elements are protected while the kiln is being charged, power output is constant and heat is evenly distributed throughout the firing chamber, providing the best possible results.


5-side heating resulting in even heat distribution


Heating elements recessed into grooved bricks


Stainless steel in-frame ventilation resulting in low external temperatures and corrosion protection


3-layer insulation structure


R-SiC ceiling support “System ROHDE” prevents cracks and particles falling from the ceiling onto the ware

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