Rohde ELS750S & Controller

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ROHDE Frontloaders with Ergo Load System from the ELS-S series comprise six models with kiln volumes between 150 and 1000 litres. The heating elements are mounted on support rods. 5-side heating provides even distribution of heat in each performance range.

Frontloaders from the ELS-S series were designed for daily use over many years in professional workshops at fi ring temperatures up to 1320°C. In addition, they meet highest requirements for everyday applications in schools.

5-side heating, resulting in even heat distribution

Heating elements mounted on support rods

Stainless steel in-frame ventilation resulting in low external temperatures and corrosion protection

3-layer insulation structure

R-SiC ceiling support “System ROHDE” prevents cracks and particles falling from the ceiling onto the ware

This Kiln will need specialist unloading equipment to be arranged by the customer for the time of delivery and at the customers expense

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