Pyramid Kiln 135Lt

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Max Temperature: 1200°C (In reduction or oxidation) - Firing possibilities: RAKU, Earthenware in reduction and oxidation, Biscuit & Glass fusing - Insulation: Pyramid: ceramic fibre blanket - Gas Hearth: floor of light weight insulation bricks - Fuel: Propane Gas - Recommended Burner: 20kw (see RDK004 order in addition to kiln) - Door: Removable - Warranty: 12 Months - Capacity: 240Litres - Construction: 2mm Steel Construction with powder paint finish - Weight: Whole: 120kg, Top 70kg - Size Doorway: 54cm(h) 48(w at top) 60(w at bottom) - Size Pyramid Top: 86(h) x 85(w) x 94(l)cm - Size Kiln Hearth: 45(h) x 87(w) x 87(l)cm Further Information: The Pyramid Kiln excels because of its simplicity and efficiency. It offers enormous prospects for experimenting. It can be fired with wood or propane gas, in reduction or oxidising, for RAKU, biscuit or full glaze firing, either fully loaded or for a quick firing with just one pot. Because of its pyramid shape, the heat in the kiln is deflected downwards before leaving via the flue. This results in a very fast temperature increase while using little energy. This design and good insulation allows for example, about 5 - 7 Raku firings to a temperature of 1050°C can be obtained from one 11 kg propane gas holder. Because of its economical firing, fast rise of temperature and safe use, the PYRAMID is a versatile powerful and affordable kiln for every enthusiastic potter! The first firing will take about 75 minutes, and subsequent firings 60 minutes to reach that temperature. Moreover, because this kiln's door is on the side instead of at the top there's less risk of burnt eyelashes, and eyebrows and thus SAFER.

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