Potclays Vulcan Black Smooth

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this body is unlike any other on the market providing an unusual intense black colour when fired in an oxidising atmosphere. In a reducing atmosphere a metallic finish with shades of blue are obtained. Containing a fine 0-0.2mm grog this body has been formulated especially for artistic ceramics. It behaves excellently during drying/firing and its high plasticity makes it ideal for modelling. It is widely used for murals and sculpture. This fine version is ideal for more detailed work. Recommended firing range 1200-1240C Biscuit temperature: 1000ºC Water content: 21% Plasticity (IP Atterberg): 22 Carbonate content (CaCO3): 0% Drying shrinkage: 7.0% Firing shrinkage (1240ºC): 7.1% Porosity (water absorption at 1240ºC): 1.3% Dry bending strength: 4.6 N/mm2 Fired bending strength (1240ºC): 33.3 N/mm2 Thermal coefficient (25-500ºC): 51.1x10^-7ºC^-1
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