Mayco Stoneware Iron Wash - 118ml

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Mayco’s Washes are versatile in use and firing range. They can be used alone as a body stain or surface treatment or used over or under another glaze- ideal for image transfer techniques and line work. Will perform in firing temperatures from cone 06-cone 10. Available in Iron, Rutile, Manganese, Copper and Cobalt finishes. General Use


Stoneware washes can be used alone or in combination with other glazes. As they are highly concentrated, we recommend you thin with water prior to use. They can be applied to earthenware clay bodies and low fired as well as to stoneware bodies for higher temperature firing. Test prior to use is recommended.


Available Sizes


118ml jars only





Product Features




Food safe; however textural surfaces created via combinations with other glazes may not be suitable for food surfaces.


Available in iron, rutile (titanium dioxide), manganese, copper and cobalt.


Highly concentrated: small amounts, thinned with water, will go a long way


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