Valentines Glacier porcelain 10kg

Article number: ES170
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Weight-10 kg


Firing range-1220ºc – 1280ºc


Texture-Very smooth

Whiteness, glass like translucency and strength are qualities which attract many potters to porcelain. However, due to the very nature of the raw materials used in its production, most porcelain bodies have very little natural plasticity. In order to overcome this, many manufacturers add ball clay, thus sacrificing the translucency and whiteness. We have discovered that by using high quality, low iron bearing, china clays, silicas, bentonites and mineral fluxes, it is possible to produce a porcelain which is not only very white, but also translucent and plastic.  Our Glacier White Porcelain is one of the best porcelain bodies you will find anywhere.
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