Ferro frit 3134

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- Oxide Weight 195.57

- Co-efficient of Linear Expansion 9.47

- Frit Melting Range 788-871˚C

Ferro Frit 3134 is a US pottery frit. This is a popular frit and has been used for many years as a general purpose melter across all temperatures. Ferro says that it is "intended for use as a lime and borate source in partially fritted glazes, lead bisilicate glazes and low cost hobby glazes cone 06-10". But from the viewpoint of ceramic chemistry, this frit is a great 'oxide warehouse', it is useful in so many kinds of glazes, we often use it to showcase the value of Frits in formulating and adjusting glazes as (formulas of oxides rather than recipes of materials). The reason this is billed as useful in partially fritted glazes is because of how valuable it is in supplying B2O3 (raw B2O3 sources have many issues). It gives us lots of boron along with CaO and Na2O (which most glazes need) but no Al2O3 (so it can be supplied from clay to harden and suspend the slurry).


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