Diamondcore Tools Semi-flex Diamond Pad 60

Article number: DCT001
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Diamond grit on these 4.5cm x 7cm pads will smooth off high-fired glaze or clay quickly and much more easily than any other type of sandpaper or abrasive. Has 1/2″ thick of semi-flexible pad for wet or dry use on any bisqued or high-fired glaze or clay or glass. Great for smoothing off grit or glaze, clay or whatever is stuck to the bottom of a piece after firing. Or smooth off the bottom of a piece so it won’t scratch a table or snag a fabric tablecloth. - 60 grit (coarse) - 120 grit (medium - 240 grit (fine) - Sanding with diamond grit requires much less force, many fewer hand strokes… which translates into far less fatigue and joint/muscle strain………. and mush less time sanding.  Can be used wet or dry.
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