Diamondcore Tools Curved U Tip 3mm (P14) Pencil carver

Article number: DCT083
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    3mm "U" Tip curved blade

    Zebrawood pencil carvers 

    For creating clean 3mm  U shaped grooves


    Carving deep or shallow

    Carving clay ( in the beak down position)

    Sgraffito ( in the beak up position)

    Mishima, sculpting, scraping and more


   Leave little to no burs or debris

   Carve faster and deeper if desired

   Can carve bone dry or leatherhard clay

   Adjustable blade angle

   5.5" long pencil-type handle

   Comfortable foam grip reduces fatigue

   Beautiful hardwood built-in stylus

   Self-sharpening stainless steel blades

   Spare blade sets are available


   Use all appropriate safety precautions

   Keep out of the reach of children

   Woodgrain and foam grip colors may vary

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