Diamond Core Tools Curved Square tip pottery sculpting tool 12mm (P23)

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P23 Curved Square Tip tool! The extra-sharp blade features a square tip design that is perfect for shallow, square, sgraffito lines. Plus, the pencil-like handle provides additional comfort and control while you’re working on your piece. It’s the perfect carving tool for any artist! 


12mm Square Tip Curved Blade 

Handcrafted Zebrawood handle is measures 14cm

Perfect ceramics tool for creating shallow, square, sgraffito lines

Foam grip provides comfort for extended use

DiamondCore’s unique blades reduce debris and stay sharp


Ideal for Sgraffito or shallow carving, including sgraffito in tight corners 

Can be used Mishima, sculpting, scraping, and more

Strong blade and unique handle design provide easy depth control for clean line-work

Multi-functional; works with dry or hard clay 


Leave little to no burs or debris

Unique design allows you to carve faster and deeper

Reduced fatigue during extended use

Blades don’t need sharpening and resist breaking and rusting 

Spare blade sets are available for purchase

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