Botz Red Engobe 200ml

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BOTZ Engobes for the 900°–1080°C firing range, easy-to-use work with liquid engobes - can be applied to any clay drying condition - affordable 200ml and 800ml jars for easy handling - clear painting and brilliant coloursStir the engobes thoroughly before processing. Then apply the coat with a brush (e.g. BOTZ 9005) to leather-hard or biscuit-fired clay. To obtain an earthy matt surface, the engobe can be left unglazed after biscuit firing. Or glaze over with Transparent (e.g. BOTZ 9106) and fire at 1050°C. Brush-on engobes are ideal for traditional engobe painting with the slip trailer. The patterns created with the rubber ball form a high relief on the clay.Combine the differents product. They match each other very well. For example, engobes, glimmer and decorative colours.

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