Nabertherm 300Lt Frontloading Kiln

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Furniture set Included .First-class craftsmanship, professional design, long service life and excellent temperature uniformity – chamber kilns from 100 liters up to 2200 liters round off the range of kilns for professionals. These kilns have proven their worth for many years, firing porcelain and stoneware and annealing glass, even when tightly stacked and at high working temperatures. You will find these chamber kilns in ceramic workshops, studios, clinics, schools and in private homes. They are recommended for frequent firing, when the kilns are tightly stacked and when excellent temperature uniformity is needed. . A kiln should not be operated continuously to its performance limits. The models with Tmax 1300 °C are designed for regular firings up to 1250 °C. If the kiln is often fired above this temperature, we recommend our chamber kilns to 1340 °C. Most chamber kilns are available from stock.
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