Nabertherm 150Lt Frontloading Kiln

Article number: P-13011
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The chamber kilns in the NW series combine the convincing quality benefits of the proven chamber kilns that are heated from five sides with a special feature. Charging these chamber kilns is much simpler, more ergonomic and also time- saving. With a drawer mechanism in the models up to 300 liters the floor can be easily pulled out. The larger models from 440 liters are designed as shuttle kilns with freely moving bogies. The optimal access in front of the kiln allows for simple and easy charging. . These models are especially suitable for ceramic workshops, studios, clinics and schools. Most kilns are available from stock, even larger models can be delivered within a short time. . The chamber kilns are delivered with maximum temperatures of 1300 °C or 1340 °C. This corresponds to regular firing temperatures of maximum 1250 °C or 1320 °C respectively.
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