Rohde HMT500 (with seat) potters wheel

Article number: P-3516
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Price includes Delivery The HMT 500 combines the latest developments in control and drive technology with an outstanding variety of individual ergonomical settings of wheel and seat. It was our aim to develop a powerful and quietly running pottery wheel for every day application in a potter's workshop – durable and attractively designed. Advantages: • Powerful, high torque and responsive drive • Power transmitted by smoothly running poly-V belt • Working height adjustable (550 and 690 mm) • Rotating wheel head with a diameter of 340 mm • Reversibility, clockwise and counter-clockwise • Large splash pan, easy to take off, with lockable drain outlet • Built-in space on splash pan for depositing of tools • Built-in worktable, coated with Multiplex, waterproof • Wheel head drilled for wooden bats made from MDF Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery 
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