Potterycrafts Potterycrafts 60 Lt Comet ECO 13A 1200˚C

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Firing Capacity: 60 litres (2.1 cu/ft). Maximum Temperature: 1200°C (Cone 5.5) Chamber Dimensions: 400mm wide x 446mm deep External Dimensions: 560mm wide x 710mm deep x 750mm high Weight: 58Kg Power: 3.0 kW Supply Required Single Phase (Amps): 13A Supply Required 3 Phase (Amps): N/A Kiln Furniture Set Included: Standard Controller : CERA-2 (2-program memory each with 3 segments) Kiln walls 63.5mm insulation brick plus 19mm backup insulation. Stainless steel outer jacket The kiln floor 65mm of super-efficient Ultralite granular insulation normally found in industrial kilns. Three support bricks are located in the base to enable a shelf/batt to be placed above the insulation Kiln lid 65mm insulation brick. Kanthal A1 elements. Fitted with 76mm castors for ease of movement. Lid vent hole allows venting / cooling of the kiln during the firing process. Side vent with chimney. Captive interlock safety switch. Dual contactors provide protection against over fires, when used with Potterycrafts Kiln controllers.

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