Diamond Core Tools StickyPad 20cm

Article number: DCT029
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StickyPads are available in 20cm and 30cm diameter made with Ultra Grip rubberized material. They will adhere to a smooth bat or other clean, dry, smooth or glossy surface.  They grip greenware, leatherhard, or bisque for trimming or smoothing without the need for clay lumps. Centring rings can be drawn on the surface with a Sharpie (which can be washed off later), which allows the thickness to be checked easily and also prevents clay residue on the piece from using clay lumps. Tap centring is not necessary.  StickyPads can be used like a Foam Trim Bat and can even be used to grip foam or keep a custom trimming chuck centred. StickyPads are versatile for a variety of purposes and also can be used for banding wheel work, or a pottery wheel to grip high-fired pieces for rapidly smoothing the bottom of pots with Diamond Sanding Pads.
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