magnesium Sulphate

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Also known as Epsom Salts. Used to flocculate glazes to assist suspension and application to relatively vitreous biscuit ware. Usually only about 0.1% is needed, but up to 0.5% can be used with particularly troublesome slurries. - Make up a saturated solution with warm water - Add a single teaspoon of the solution to the glaze slop and stir well. - Continue to add a teaspoon at a time, stirring well after each addition, until you see the consistency change (becomes creamy). - As a very general guide, one teaspoon should be sufficient for 5lt glaze slop. Epsom Salts work by flocculating the clay content of a glaze.  The lower the clay content, the less effect from the flocculant.  In order for a flocculant to work effectively, more clay should be added. As a general rule we always advise customers to add at least 3% bentonite to all earthenware and/or fritted stoneware glaze in addition to the Epsom salts. Also, in glazes which are self-deflocculating (ones containing high alkali frit, large amounts of soda feldspar or nepheline syenite) much larger additions of Epsom salts are required to overcome the self-deflocculation.
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